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How to set up home recording studio?

I need some straight foward answers on the easiest way to make a home recording studio preferably $500 or less to begin with..

What I already have: 2 15″ 1000w powered Mackey? Thump speakers

Behringer xenyx 502 powered mixer.. maybe 3-4 inputs

Drum set with double bass, snare, 3 Tom’s, ride, crash, hi-hats

Guitars and amps/pedals for em… 15w orange dark terror, 2×12

Shure sm58 but I could never get the vocals loud enough to play over guitar or drums through my 15″ speakers???

Used to have a live instrumental band but we broke off because we were seniors in high school.

That’s about it.. I’m pretty young and make like $300-400 every two weeks and need suggestions on the best way to spend my money, I do not want to spend much to begin with if possible because I won’t have much time to play with it, and won’t want to force myself to play it because I spent money on it.. just for fun and to let out the creativity

I will buy a computer regardless but I’m thinking that’s even in the $500 budget..

My list so far:

Used laptop 8gb i7 320gb hd I think on ebay .. for like $250

Then an audio interface for $80-100 like a Behringer u-phoria umc204hd??

Then a 49 key midi controller like “m-audio keystation 49ES with ableton lite” for $100

Then maybe a mxl 770 cardioid condenser microphone for like $75 or if I have to a blue bluebird cardioid condenser mic

I have a blue snowball that I used for csgo but it broke c

And I was thinking maybe FL studio or something for my daw.. but I know nothing about them so advice needed

Please tell me what I need to be able to hook my laptop up to the interface,

Sing or rap or record my guitar with my microphone, and Be able to record and make beats with my midi controller,

Be able to use my vocals and guitar over the beats And most importantly:

Be able to play my creations back through my 15″ 1000w Mackie thump speakers.. so fucking loud the cops can be called*

Also if possible be able to use my cardioid mic LIVE through my 15″ speakers to be able to sing in my band live…my shitty mixer could never get my Shure sm58 to play loud at all on my speakers and I would love to be able to sing live over drums and reasonably volumed guitars/basses but for some reason don’t know how

Please please please please please help me…

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[OFFICIAL] Daily Feedback Thread March 25, 2017


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Where on earth can I find drums like this?

As a mainly trap influenced producer i would like to step out of my comfort zone and make old school hip hop. I have all the samples and vst’s covered but its obvious that trap drums don’t suit the old school vibe. Here are a few examples of some drums which i would like to find. I understand that these may have been sampled from real kits.




I dont mind if they are paid sample packs.


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Some thoughts I had about producing

disclaimer, I am not at all an expert and I don’t claim to be, this is just some stuff I think might be true. A lot of it draws from my piano experience which I am fairly qualified in (8 years of piano).

When you listen to, say, IYRTITL, the beats are musical- you stop thinking “oh, this is a generic beat” and instead the beat complements the artist. In fact a lot of good beats on their own as instrumentals are more pleasurable than crappy beats with excellent vocals on them. Take Da Royce 5 9. He has terrible (IMO) beat selection, which ruins his tracks, whereas someone like Drake is honestly not that good of a lyricist, yet picks vastly superior beats.

There seems to be a sense of cohesion in good / great beats which almost all other beats lack. There is good sound selection, good melody, etc. but even then, if you could perfectly copy the style of another producer, say 40, you can’t be 40. You’re just making Drake type beats, because you are emulating rather than creating.

This may sound vague or hard to demonstrate but here is my evidence- I have never heard a “type” beat which has been 10% as good as actual beats used by a given artist. I know ASAP used a type beat once on an album but this is the only exception I can think of. And if it was a common thing, Drake could fire 40 right now and just use “type” beats off YouTube. (I have never heard of something like that happening btw.)

Even an ambient track like Company on IYRTITL has more aggression to it than the hardest drill rap I have ever heard. If someone was giving individual advice, they would say, “use that sound instead of that sound to make it sound more aggressive”, etc but ultimately a great producer can defy all these conventions and still make a better track.

It reminds me of Othello; anybody can create a beat, but it is much harder to create a good / great beat.

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Welcome to Freestyle Friday! If you’re a producer – feel free to donate a beat down below. If you’re a rapper – scroll down to choose a beat, then record a freestyle over it. You can post whenever, just have fun!

Beats go under the “beats” comment; freestyles go under the “freestyles” comment.

Check out last week’s freestyles

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Full Bodied Song

So I’m trying to make a full song for my friend to rap on. I have an idea for the melody, and all that, but I don’t know what the standard “requirements” there are for a song. I know music is art, and you can make music out of anything, but when it comes into the DAW, do I NEED to have a pad, lead, plucks, 2nd melodies, and all that?

What elements do you guys have in your beats?

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[QUESTION] Is that stereo bass on Kendrick’s new track?

In The Hear Part IV, the low-end is amazingly clear. It also sounds like it’s in stereo. How is that possible? Isn’t one of the first things you hear when you start producing: “Put your low-end in mono”?

Among other things, the overall song is great. Really innovative if you ask me.

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